Mitra Teknologi Andalan Utama will always be able to serve you by delivering effective solutions, reliable, responsive services, and business commitment, with the same principles and value.

Campus Network

Campus Solution helps enterprises build a one-stop network management center supported by an expert team.


It uses radio signals that work on certain frequencies so that the transfer of data and programs over this network can be very fast.


Suitable for ordinary user sectors such as offices, high rise buildings, schools or homes.


The service uses proven space technology to address the endemic shortage of affordable broadband internet in remote areas.

Project Management

We can help manage your project so that it can be achieved efficiently and effectively.


Pentest service is to test the company’s security of communication systems, especially those based on IoT.


If your company is still confused about determining the right steps to implement technology, the solution is us.


Maintenance helps enterprises build a one-stop network management center supported by an expert team.


Installation network can be very fast.


Securing, detecting, and removing computer viruses from computer systems.


Sandbox technology is often used to test unverified programs that may contain viruses or other malicious code.


Trusted website security solution. WAF will monitor and analyze all incoming access to your website.


UTM simplifies and secures network configuration from Firewall to antivirus.

Modern Data Center

Centralized data reduces the time and cost of deploying, configuring, and managing hardware and software infrastructure separately.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage is the answer to all of this, where data can be stored securely, without limits, and can be accessed when needed in faster time.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is a technology to facilitate computer access, which can be done anywhere that has been set.


CCTV currently does not only record images, but has been supported by an audio system that can record sound. We provide CCTV Surveillance and Traffic.

Application Monitoring

Application Monitoring provides all performance metrics in real time detects and diagnoses problems automatically.


The IP PBX-based solution is a future generation communication network concept or known as NGN (Next Generation Network).

Mobile Apps

We can provide the best service in developing mobile applications according to your needs.

Enterprise Application

Enterprise Applications (EA) are software solutions that provide business logic and tools to model all business processes for organizations.

Fire System

These systems reduce damage to the  building, expensive equipment,  documents, and inventory.

Cooling System

These system works by removingexcess heat from the air and replacing it with cooler air.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is energy that is collected from renewable resources.

Collaboration Board

We can provide the best With collaboration boards, we can help you to easily access information, help your work to be more effective.


The advantages provided by BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) are flexibility and mobility, employees can work anywhere and anytime.

Power System

The power system includes the devices connected to the system.

Video Conference

Video conferencing is becoming a demand that is in high demand as the single most secure and proven alternative.